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Unicorns presents

Unicorns - Fitness! (MELB)

  • Mon 22nd Apr 2019, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • All Nations Park, Separation St, Northcote VIC 3070

As the sun starts to shine and daylight savings kicks in - Unicorns Fitness will be coming back!

Come get sweaty outdoor-boot-camp style in a cute queer-o environment and hang out with other Unicorn humans outside the party!

We will be running every Monday commencing the 8th October 2018 (ignore the date on the FB page - FB wouldn't let us create a recurring event).

Come every week or when you are not too weary from your weekend festivities!

It’s totally FREE!

We will also be welcoming a new trainer to the Unicorns Fitness Fam!

Wilelm Boyse - our qualified, queer PT is a super sweetheart and has also competed in body building comps!

So throw on your best rainbow leggings, get ready to make some lovely new pals and come have cute, queer-o, fitness times with us!


Mondays (kicking off Monday 8th October 2018)

6pm - 7pm

Edinburugh Gardens

Work out gear & disco tunes provided

Dress in gear you can move in

All fitness levels catered for - just let Wilelm know if you have any injuries.

RSVP - Just tick the dates below you will be attending

Cost - FREE!

Have a question or concern? Just shoot myself or trainers Bowie Stover & Mah la Bird a message or post in the event below!

Can't wait to get cute & sweaty with you all!


Please Note*

Unicorns is not a government org or commercial business. It is just an independent project run by one human, delsi, so I can take longer to respond and I wont always get everything perfect.

This year I received a small amount of government funding to run this project but every cent is going towards paying the trainers and equipment for people to use.

I do not pay myself anything to run it and I do this work for free because I want to help our community and help give access to opportunities that I think will benefit our wellbeing.

If you have any feedback, I am always all ears, feel free to email me at

. I just ask that you keep in mind that I am only one person and I do things like this for free because I want a better world for us all - and that is all.

♥ + hugs,