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Wayfarer's Lantern presents

The Book Of Love - Knowledge Intensive With Sh Ninowy

The Book Of Love - Knowledge Intensive With Shaykh Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Ninowy

Mankind was created with a natural inclination to love the Divine. It is in His presence that we find true tranquility. Yet in an age in which we are deluded by the self and materialism is elevated above all else, the quest for true love is veiled and the search for meaning continues.

Join us for a 3 day knowledge intensive with Shaykh Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Ninowy as we explore the concept of love. The knowledge intensive will be based on his newly released collection of aphorisms entitled, “The Book of Love.” The text comprises four chapters: Awakening to Self-Realization; Signs on the Path of Love; Illuminations and Live your Love.

Shaykh Ninowy will be joined by our own Ustadh Salim Moeladawilah, who will be presenting a summary on the text of the late Shaykh Ramadan al-Buti (RA). The text explores the concepts of: Love of Allah for His creation, love of creation for Allah, and the love between creation.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Details

Entry to the intensive includes a daily lunch.

A schedule for each day will be shared with participants upon arrival. Please note the times for each day:

Saturday 20 April: 10.00am-5.00pm

Sunday 21 April: 10.00am-5.00pm

Monday 22 April: 10.00am-5.00pm

For more information, refer to the FAQs below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I bring my child along with me?

Children are welcome to attend all events. However, child minding facilities are not available and parents will be responsible for ensuring their children are not disturbing other students. Children aged 7 - 12 who are not partaking in the class will be required to purchase a ‘child’ ticket to cover the cost of their meal. Children under 7 are free of charge and do not require a ticket.

Will "The Book Of Love" be available to purchase?

Yes, you will be able to purchase the book at the knowledge intensive and the public lecture on the day before.

I can only attend one day, do I still need to pay the full fee?

Unfortunately, yes. Due to the manner in which the course fees are structured, all attendees are required to pay the full fee.

What time should we arrive?

Classes will commence at 10.00am sharp, so we strongly recommend you arrive 20 minutes early, caffeinated and ready to learn!

Will refreshments be provided?

Along with lunch, tea, coffee, water and light refreshments will also be available for free throughout the day.

What should I bring?

We strongly recommend preparing yourself with an intent to learn, including: ensuring you are rested the night before, and bringing your preferred note-taking device or method (whether your digital or analogue, all you need is a pen and a notepad).

I am experiencing financial difficulty and cannot afford a ticket

Please email us about your circumstances and we'll do our best to help.

I have a question not addressed here

Please contact us at or call Ahmed on 0432434573.