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Arts Teaching Innovation, Faculty of Arts, The University of Melbourne presents

2019 Foundations: Arts Teaching and Learning Symposium

The Faculty of Arts places innovative teaching at the core of academic practice and recognises that the contribution of its Teaching Associates (TAs, i.e. sessional teaching staff) is pivotal to its success.

This symposium invites you to define your role in the Faculty, learn what it can offer you and prepare your approach for the semester ahead. The event brings together new TAs - whether completely new to teaching or new only to our Faculty - to begin conversations around the pleasures and challenges of tutoring and related roles, and to highlight the benefits to an academic career of fostering pedagogical excellence.

Full program now viewable at the symposium wesbite:

At Foundations you will:

  • Receive more in-depth information about your role and responsibilities.

  • Discover the theoretical foundations for the Faculty’s emphasis on active-learning strategies

  • Develop a classroom toolkit through discussion and modelling of classroom exercises that are inclusive of all students and that elicit student participation

  • Learn about your Faculty and School supports, ongoing professional development opportunities and resources for enriching your teaching practice and for managing your wellbeing

  • Be welcomed to a community of academic educators - meet other new staff, troubleshoot with more experienced TAs, join a mentoring circle for ongoing support

The contribution of your own knowledge and ideas is welcomed at every stage of the day.

Symposium attendance is compulsory for TAs new to the Faculty. If you have taught in the Faculty but did not attend Foundations in a previous year, please be in touch to check your eligibility. All attendees are paid for their time. Catered morning tea and lunch.


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?


What if I can't make it?

Fear not, there are support avenues accessible before teaching begins. The Online Induction for Sessional Teachers ( is an induction program for sessional teaching staff, though not focussed on Arts teaching. You can also review pedagogical resources on the website of the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education (

Our unit, Arts Teaching Innovation, provides further resources and professioanl development opportunities through an LMS Community of Practice. You will be automaticaly enrolled in this Community once you have a staff username/email and will be emailed instructions on how to take advantage of its resources.

Note that in coming weeks, your School will run its own induction program that will focus on orienting you within the conventions and protocols of that School. Contact your School Manager for advice (contact details on your School's homepage).

Your employment offer will NOT be rescinded if you cannot attend, but you will be expected to attend at a later date. The symposium runs at the beginning of every semester.

How will I be remunerated for my attendance?

The Faculty funds ten hours of professional development/training per staff member. These funds are paid through your School when you claim hours by entering them into a regular fortnightly timecard.

On arrival to Foundations, you will register at the front desk. This record of your attendance is passed on to your School. When you enter your hours into your first timecard, add a new line with 5 hours at OAA rate (all other account string details are the same as the details used to claim teachig hours). Attendance will be paid along with your first pay.

If you taught in the Faculty in 2018 but could not make it to Foundations then, your attendance will also be paid. If you have attended a previous induction, you are very welcome to attend this symposium for professional development, though your attendance may not be paid.

If you arrive late to the symposium, be sure to speak to an organiser to have your name recorded for remuneration purposes. If you have any difficulties having the hours on your timecard approved, please speak to your School Manager.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email us, the event hosts! Contact Kay, Allison, Mitch, Wajeehaah and Maxx from the Faculty's Arts Teaching Innovation division, at