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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled or postponed. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Melbourne HOSPITALITY Owners How To RE-OPEN & Make PROFIT With Less Numbers

Melbourne Metro Hospitality Business Owners: How To Re-Open & Make Profit With Fewer Customers By Reinventing, Redesigning & Repositioning

About this Event

You Are A Melbourne Metro Hospitality Business Owner Who Is About To Re-Open & You Don't Know How To Make A Profit With COVID-Restricted Customer Numbers...

... or you're a tourism or 'bricks & mortar' retail business owner also re-opening...

...what I'm going to share with you may change your life forever...

If you are:-

  • feeling like you're at risk of losing everything you worked so hard to build
  • feeling drained, exhausted, literally burnt out
  • feeling emotional; angry, sad, guilt, shame, fear more than normal
  • worried what's going to happen to your family, your employees, your home
  • stuck how to move forward and change the way you operate your business
  • struggling to work out how to increase sales & profit in these times
  • suffering & stressed, not knowing what to do or who to turn to for help

Then, this masterclass may help you:-

  • Get CLARITY about your current situation and
  • WORK SMARTER, not harder to get the results you want
  • FOCUS on maximising PROFIT, not maximising SALES
  • Make DECISIONS that enable you to
  • Take ACTION that helps you MOVE FORWARD one step at a time
  • MEASURE your performance and know you NUMBERS so you can
  • REVIEW your progress and ADAPT & PIVOT your strategy and
  • SYSTEMISE your business processes to make it easier for you to
  • Constantly IMPROVE your RESULTS
  • Demonstrate effective LEADERSHIP and
  • ENGAGE your TEAM in helping you
  • RETAIN your most profitable CUSTOMERS and
  • ATTRACT more new customers like them so that you can
  • SURVIVE now, so you're ready to THRIVE on the other side

Your guide & teacher

My name is David Carruthers and I've spent more than 35 years involved in the hospitality industry running large groups including being headhunted from London to Melbourne to be CEO of Australia's second-largest group. I spent more than a dozen years as an entrepreneur & multiple business owner becoming a multi-millionaire, building my own group.

I was the elected president of my business chamber for 4 years and asked to found & chair a tourism association, developing a strategy with the government over a 2 year period. I've spent many years advocating for SMEs and helping them grow.

I learnt about wellbeing when I was the subject of some events that created so much stress my organs started to close down, being hospitalised 5 times in 12 months, almost losing my life in late 2013. My wellbeing cup emptied and the result of all this cost me several million dollars and I may not have been here to even tell the story.

I am here though... to share with you some smart strategies to help you navigate a path towards your desired goals and to also add some bonus value with some pretty cool strategies to boost your wellbeing.

What you'll learn...

My aim, during this live masterclass is to show you how to:-

1. Work Smarter Not Harder

2. Put your own wellbeing first, so you can look after everybody else you care about

3. Get clarity, focus & traction

3. Analyse, strategise, systemise, optimise & then synchronise

4. Measure performance & improve it

5. Survive now so you can thrive later

Following the presentation, I will be available for a question & answer (Q&A) session.

Registration details...

We have limited seats. Register now and grab your place. I'll send you a confirmation email with the online Zoom link details. Can't wait to share this material with you...


*note: this is an online event and we will send you details in your confirmation email