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Neighbourlytics presents

DIY Data: Everyday Wellbeing Analytics for Cities [MEL]

Data isn’t the future - it’s here now.

The best places are vibrant and complex, but traditional data sources don’t capture this - and you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Build your data literacy with this half-day workshop for urban innovators, so you can tackle the big problems and make your job easier.

We’ll cover:

  • Data literacy: asking the right questions, and interpreting the results

  • Data options: what new sources are out there, and how to access them

  • Real-world activity: tackle a sticky issue that matters to you, with our support

You’ll walk away with:

  • A new community of like-minded professionals

  • Tools to gain a richer understanding of the local identity of places you plan, build and manage

  • Real-time, human-centred data sources to use in the office right away

  • Tips for better, faster decision-making

  • New ways to measure sticky issues like social inclusion, place attachment, and more

  • A full stomach, with a delicious business networking lunch

Learn from experts who understand your job and how better data can help.

Who needs a new way to think about data?

Social data is a valuable insights tool for any industry that needs to understand lifestyle choices and social behaviours. This masterclass will benefit citymakers, local government staff and consultants who support them, including: 

  • Smart Cities teams

  • Placemaking teams

  • Urban planners & designers

  • Community engagement teams

  • Community wellbeing & development teams

  • Economic development advisors

  • Development & project managers

  • Retail analysts & leasing teams

  • Marketing & communications managers

Not based in Adelaide?

We'll be bringing our Masterclass to Adelaide. Sydney and Brisbane this coming January - click here for details.