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Natural State Yoga & Wellness presents

Wellness From Within~ Self-Care based on Tibetan Medicine

Enjoy a deep wellness experience and walk away with the practical tools for holistic self-care at home

About this Event

Are you looking for a way to keep your mental and physical health balanced and at ease with the stresses of daily life? Are you confused by all of the mixed messages out there in regards to how to stay healthy and well? Would you like to improve your physical and mental health while addressing the little issues creeping up that no one seems to have an answer for?

This training will provide you with an essential foundation in Tibetan Medicine five elements theory, the practical tools for holistic self-care at home and a hands-on experience of balancing your body, energy and mind.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine teaches that prevention and treatment are highly personalised and that there is not one way that is good for everyone . Through Traditional Tibetan Medicine you learn how to balance your diet and lifestyle according to the unique circumstances of your own life. With this knowledge you are able to understand what your mind and body need to stay in balance, empowering you to utilise the essence of any health and wellness system according to your own needs. Self-care through diet and lifestyle is the foundation for maintaining health and preventing disease.

In this program you will dive deeply into the aspects of Tibetan Medicine study which pertain to self-care with special focus on stress management, chronic disease prevention, and building your very own constitutional health plan.

Topics and Activities Include:

  • A guided 7-day Tibetan Medicine Wellness Challenge (see below for details)
  • Learning Practical Stress Management Techniques including Self-Massage and Home Remedies
  • Mindful Breathing and Movement Exercises including Harmonious Breathing, Tibetan Yantra Yoga and Khaita Joyful Dances
  • Health and Disease according to Tibetan Medicine
  • General & Personalised Healthy Eating Guidelines
  • General & Personalised Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Seasonal Health Tips
  • Using Spices for Health
  • Personalised Constitutional Health Plan